Adjusto-Lite Lamp


In 1899, Simon W Faber left Antipol, Russia to emigrate to the United States, renting a downstairs basement shop in the lower east side of Manhatten.There he began Faber Brass and Copper goods, making gift trays and racks. The company Prospered in 1910 and he was able to move to a bigger factory in Brooklyn, next to the williamsburg Bridge. There he began to produce items under the ” Fababerware” name Mr. Faber came up with the Adjusto-Lite initially as a way for him to sleep while his wife read in bed. In 1930 he introduced the first Fabaware Percolator, this was followed by the Coffee Robot in 1937. These fine examples of the Adjusto-Lite are in original condition and have been rewired and ” PAT TESTED”

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