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Growing up in East London meant there was little wasted. Shopping for new furniture would have been a rare occurrence. Back then, restoring and painting your existing furniture would have been the norm. This was the beginning of my Antique Sales and Restoration journey and I didn’t even know!

I joined the building trade and completed a Carpentry and Joinery apprenticeship.

A move to the countryside in 1989 opened my eyes to a whole new world. I began to acquire work on period houses, and developed a passion in historical buildings and their interiors.

When I acquired a contract to carry out restoration works on a Grade 1 listed period house, Moyne’s Park (owned by Lord Ivor Mountbatten); I was introduced to the beauty of antique furniture.

Although I was responsible for taking care of the estate, which involved investigating the history of the property and its furniture, it hardly seemed like work at all!

At this point, I began collecting antiques and curio’s.

Moving to Ireland in 1999, I later completed various furniture restoration courses.

This inspired me to open my own shop within the beautiful grounds of Wells House, Gorey where I practice antique sales and restoration.

Not forgetting my roots, I also redesigns old furniture to fit in with everyday living. This will always be an integral part of the business.