The future is Antique Sales and Restoration

Antique Sales and Restoration offers you two huge benefits the first being you are able to create a new style for your home without over spending, the second being you are able to preserve the value of your furniture, especially if you have antique furniture. We regularly import fine antique pieces, and do this all from the beautiful setting of Well's House and Gardens.

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What our customers say

Having inherited an Antique table many years ago, I put it in storage and said that one day I would get it restored. The day came , and I decided to research antique furniture restorers in my area. Hugh was the first name that popped up. I got in touch with him and he came to have a look at the table. Such a Knowledgeable man, who clearly loves what he does. He took the table and I was confident he would do a great job. I was right! He delivered my table today and I’m absolutely thrilled with the result.The work and care he put into the table is clearly Evident. It is Stunning and will be such a feature in my home for years to come. I would Highly recommend Hugh, such a great service, and beautiful finish to the table. An expert in his field get in touch if you have any restoration in mind.” you won’t regret it!”

Antique Victorian Breakfast Table

Hugh Doyle Antiques is an Amazing business that I would highly recommend. I ordered a French Dresser during Lockdown. It had already been beautifully restored , but I wanted to be slightly awkward and asked Hugh if by any chance he could paint it Pink for me. After a silent pause, he said yea no Problem. Hugh rang me a few times , sent colour trends in the post to make sure I got the exact colour I wanted. He went above and beyond. And as soon as restrictions were lifted he personally delivered it to Dublin for me F.O.C. A beautiful French Dresser. I wish Hugh and his Business every success and recommend anybody looking for something a little different and unique. Check him out. Thanks Hugh. Anna Valentine.

French Dresser

My mother’s old dresser had recently been returned to me but on seeing the Dresser and the condition of it with years of awful varnish, I thought the skip was the best place for it. But, a phone call to Hugh and straight away my mind was put at rest An old Dresser in a modern Kitchen actually looks quite cool he said . Two weeks later, he turned up at my door with this amazing dresser that looked better than I ever remembered it. A little moving things around and he found the exact right spot for it, where it had stood 50 yrs or more ago. Thanks Hugh !

Kathleen O’leary

Looked better than I ever remembered it!

One happy customer

We Also Buy Vintage Furniture

Anything from industrial lighting, lockers, workbenches, filing cabinets and pigeon holes, clocks, vintage signs, vintage warehouse furniture – we consider anything you’d like to send us photos of